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The third week of training camp often means injuries and the smell of gunpowder, especially when the two teams play with practice sessions of the time. On Tuesday, California (California) Oxnard (Oxnard), Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders play in the practice match when a scuffle broke out. In fact, this nothing newsworthy, but specifically, this melee almost caught onlookers.

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Fray by Cowboys cornerback Morris - Craig Byrne (Morris Claiborne) on Raiders tight end Michael - Rivera (mychal rivera) a strong grapple remember the sky, Craig Byrne on just collision is very proud, he told reporters:. "I just think it was Chen Jian hit me, so I went to grapple completed only because of this, it evolved into a quarrel." Raiders coach Dennis - Allen (Dennis Allen) expressed fights very disappointed, but Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) bite feisty behavior much appreciated.

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According to reports, during the training, the number of fans overwhelmed the Cowboys Raiders fans, and always maintain a very high decibel. Raiders owner Mark - Davis (Mark Davis) said: "The Raiders fans are the best!" The next day the two teams plan to resort to a practice match. August 8, Oklahoma local Special Olympics athletes appear in the Oklahoma football team's driving range, watching them play practice game but also for the stadium brought enthusiastic cheers. Inviting them to look at practice sessions or warm-up match is the team's tradition every year of their arrival will be greatly encouraged by the morale of the players and VIP fans.

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After the practice session, Special Olympics athletes and players can close contact and obtain their autographs. "Honestly, I would have played their presence with more vigor," punt hand Jed - Barnett (Jed Barnett) said: "You can not ignore their presence on the sidelines very excited for football I promise them absolutely. is love. "